For the last 8 years i have worked for VMware, designing and architecting solutions for internal use and consumption. From the MUI to vCloud Director, from Workstation 5 to nested ESX for the VMworld Hands on Labs and all the great products in between. Leading the way for VMware on VMware and the use of VMware products internally.

I’ve had the freedom to experiment with Non VMware products in some cases, used to identify gaps and understanding the complexity of integrating the VMware stack itself, as well as with open source solutions like Puppet / Razor with Application Director for provisioning and vC Operations / EMC Smarts / Watch4Net APG / Hyperic / APM for Enterprise Monitoring and Alerting.

While I plan to share my experiences related to the continuous integration I have done in future posts, I’ve recently started a new adventure that has taken me to uncharted territory, and taken up most of my time. OpenStack. This is an attempt t define the “Hybrid Cloud” in a different sense than your traditional Private + Public = Hybrid but more a VMware + Open Source = Hybrid infusion. Does it make sense? Is there a cost benefit from going heavy on one and not the other?

I will chronicle my first impressions through hopefully a fully functioning OpenStack Cloud. I have to admit, I have always been a fan of Open Source, but until now, I haven’t had the opportunity to get into the nuts and bolts of OpenStack.

First up: DevStack.

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