Piston Launches Cloud

The big news in my world is the launch of the Piston Enterprise OpenStack v2.0 Beta.   What I love about this product is that the “wow” factor doesn’t stop once you’ve got your cloud up and running. It keeps on truckin’ with hyper speed VM deployments and ease of adding nodes to your cluster, and with the under-the-covers orchestration Moxie HA provides, your VMs are always in the right place.

The interesting thing about Enterprise OpenStack is that it’s a bare-metal hypervisor. But wait, there’s more… it does not require additional configuration once it’s booted into memory.  I have to admit, at first, it didn’t click, but after spending some time with Josh McKenty and talking through what has become these recent posts on the OS, Storage and converged infrastructure, this is an amazing thing we have here.

I hear the “how does it compare to VMware?” questions quite a bit, but that’s not the topic for today.  You can draw your own conclusions, and I hope I can give you just a little jolt of information to get your mind going. The best way I can describe my latest epiphany is below, and unless you’ve been a VMware user over a release or two, this may not make sense.

Imagine if you will, a hypervisor that boots into memory, that requires no additional configuration that needs to persist through reboots, that you can kill and reboot and it comes back the same every time. In fact, it doesn’t ever have to come back, because another just like it will. No profile needed to give it an identity, no additional automation needed when adding it to cluster.  You just plug in the box, set it to PXE and turn it on.

It joins itself to the active cluster and becomes part of the converged infrastructure.

DHCP without static reservations…

PXE boot to a known configuration by default with no profile…

Joins a cluster with zero automation from user world…

Zero downtime upgrades…

The hypervisor requires no frequent updates.  A hardened kernel that only changes with the next upgrade. With no package management changes, patches and/or upgrades are incorporated into a rolling reboot of each host.

Folks. We have just removed your barriers to easily achieve cloud.

For those of you who haven’t grabbed the Enterprise OpenStack v2.0 Beta from Piston, now is the time.

I will warn you.  There will be a sense of something missing.  That time you used to spend re-automating for each release, or scheduling downtime for the latest patches and updates, will leave a hole.

But it’s ok.  Fill that time with actually using the cloud and showing your customers how they to may benefit.

Check out pistoncloud.com/download and see for yourself.

Up next… Keep an eye on the Piston blog. I’ll show you some ways to fill the void…

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